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 Aussie Football

Online Aussie Football Betting is an exciting hobby; it can be a way of spending your time but also a good way to earn some additional money. If you are really good at it, you are following all the scores and you are up to date with matches, you can win a really nice amount of money just from betting on particular teams. Don’t wait any longer, start your adventure with betting at Australia Casino.

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Thanks to watching the games and being up to date, you can increase your chances of winning. Big fans probably know that there is A-League lasting from October to February. There are many international teams playing then and fans of online betting have a decision to make. There are matches in England, the United States, Asia and everywhere around the world.

Where to bet?

There are many different sites connected with football betting. In Australia, there are for example SportingBet Australia, CentreBet Australia or SportsBet Australia. Some of those websites offer some discounts or exclusive VIP membership for best players. Players who take betting seriously keep their fund on deposits at various sports books. It is crucial for them not to lose any chance of winning or placing the right bet. With every kind of book, players are allowed to place bets on the phone meaning that when the match is on you can bet on one of them only by using your phone. There are special apps for downloading. You can play and bet on your best team in our favourite casinos.

What are the rules?

The basic rules of Aussie football betting are simple – you need to pick the winner of the match and bet on that team. If you think that two teams are equally good, and you think that there might be a draw, you can bet on that option as well.

Every player should know that there are odds connected with every outcome which the match may have. It will be best to present that with an example:

There are two teams playing in the match. Team A has 1.61 odds to win and team B has 5.50 odds. Chances that the match will end in a draw amount to 3.75. The number of odds shows how much money the player will get for every bet. Thanks to that, if you bet on team A, you will have $5.50 for every dollar you bet; if you choose the team B, you will get $1.61 for every dollar. Accordingly, you will get $3.75 for each dollar you put on the draw. You can see how it works in a real betting and play at real money casinos.

Handicapped BettingAussie Rules Live Betting

There are also different ways of betting online. There is something called “handicapped” lines. The handicapped option of placing a bet is about one team getting points and the other one receiving them. The team who receives one goal starts the whole match with being ahead by a 1-nil margin. In the end, if the team wins or there is a draw, the handicapped betting is very helpful.

For example, if there are two teams playing, A and B. In the situation when the team A is the audience’s favourite and fans assume that it will beat the team B, the team B will have 2-0 handicap advantage. Then, if fans bet on the team A, but it wins only with the result being 1-0, fans will lose the bet because the handicap was applied. In the end, with all points, team A loses the game 2-1.

Every player should remember that it only applies to the selection we bet on. If you place a handicap bet on the team A vs team B, the handicap bet of 3-0 will be set. If the team B wins the game with the result of 2-0, the bet will still pay out, as the whole result will be the team A will have 3-2 wins.

Betting on Specific Events

Apart from regular betting, which is betting on the result of the whole match, fans can place a bet on a specific event that may happen during the game. For example, you can place a bet on one particular player scoring the first goal for his team, who will score the last goal, or you can bet that the player will score two or even more goal during the whole match. There are lots of different options that you can choose, it all depends on you.

For every corner kick, there are lines and you can place a bet on so-called “corner races”; if the team, for example, have first five corner kicks, it wins. If you are a football maniac and you are really into the game, you can place a bet on more detailed information, like who will get the red card or how many yellow cards will be given during the whole match. This gives you an even wider range of options for betting making the online game exciting for every player.

If you already started betting or you are a newbie who wants to learn something about it, you should try exciting online casino games. There are various options to choose from and everyone will for sure find something interesting.

Place your bets on your favourite AFL teams!