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by Jack Harris  |  15/12/2017
Online Gambling

Well it’s official – Australians love their casinos. According to The Economist, Australians spent roughly €902 per capita last year on online and offline casinos combined. That amount is per person, meaning if every man woman and child in the country went to a casino, they would have spent around €902 each.

More Than a Decade of Leading the World

In fact, according to that report, Australia has been leading the entire planet in gambling for the past decade or so and looks set to continue to do so. This would certainly explain why online casinos have become so popular in this country.

Visitors from All Over

Of course, there is also the fact that many people come to these shores from other nations to spend their time in our own gambling venues, especially given that so much of Asia tends to ban gambling of any kind (it doesn’t fit with the Muslim way of life which is common in populous countries like Malaysia and Indonesia).

Sports Betting as Well

Of course, while we all love a good round of pokies and have worked to perfect our stone cold poker faces, the fact remains that Australians also love sports betting and that this has contributed to a significant number of gambling events in this country. In fact, it seems that we have managed to rival the Americans for the supremacy of sports in our lives and that we have become obsessed with gambling on almost any kind of human sporting endeavor (though American baseball is still not too popular here).

New Online Casinos Opening

Another sign of the times is that new online casinos have been opening on a regular basis to feed the ever growing demand from Australians for gambling offerings when they aren’t able to make it to the big cities where the regular casinos exist. What is particularly interesting though is that even in those big cities, many people have been shown to prefer the anonymity of online gambling as opposed to offline gambling.

Precautions Must Be Taken

While gambling has exploded here in Australia, it can be a dangerous thing for people who find that the lure of the dice and or the pokies is just too much to bear. This means that if you do find yourself in serious debt because of your interest in online gambling, you should probably be seeking counseling. It’s also important to be careful about which online casinos you patronize as not all of them are honest. Look for licensed and regulated onlines casinos which guarantee to provide you with a fair experience which comports with Australian law in order to be sure that you are getting a quality online casino experience.

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