The Importance of Reading Casino Terms & Conditions

You’ve probably noticed that online casinos require from you to agree to the Terms and Conditions while creating an account. In 99% of the cases, agreeing to T&C is done with a single click on the checkbox. Because it’s so simple, many users don’t even bother to read it. Unfortunately, this is something that can lead to serious problems later on.

The rules set by the casinos can mean all the difference between winning and losing money. This is why serious casino players always make sure to go through the Terms and Conditions before depositing their money. That way, they make sure that nothing unpredictable will ever happen!

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What If a Casino Has No T&C?

You should know that all legit casinos will have no problems presenting you with their T&C. The reason is that they have nothing to hide! Usually, the players are offered to read Terms and Conditions while completing their account registration. Furthermore, many casinos even have a whole page dedicated to T&C. Of course, not all of them call it the same. Some call use alternatives like “Rules” or “Terms of Service” to refer to the same thing. If you are having problems locating the T&C page on the website of a casino, you can ask the live support to give you the directions.

Casino Terms and Conditions However, if the casino doesn’t have readily accessible Terms and Conditions, it’s a sure sign that you should stay away from it. Without clearly defined rules, the casino will have the right to do whatever they want with your account. For instance, they can decide to take away your winnings, without a need to give you any further explanations.

The same thing can happen with those casinos who have T&C that features such a clause. This is why it’s important to read the fine print, in order to ensure that the casino isn’t using any tricks to take the money from the players. For instance, some casinos may use unfair terms that allow them to void the winnings if they suspect the user is a “professional gambler”, rather than a “recreational player”.

T&C for Bonuses

One of the common tricks that online casinos use is promoting generous bonus offers, which come with all kinds of conditions, mentioned in the T&C. It’s a rule of thumb that if the bonus offer seems too good to be true, it probably isn’t. This is why it’s super-important to go through the casino’s guide to bonuses before claiming one.

You need to check whether the bonus comes with conditions such as the playthrough requirement. Basically, this requirement entails wagering the bonus funds several times in a row. In fact, in most cases, the rollover requirement is 10x and more. This makes winning it almost impossible. And even if you manage to fulfil the rollover requirement, you will only be rewarded with the amount equal to the bonus. The bonus funds you won by wagering the original bonus will not be taken into account.   

For instance, if you receive a $50 bonus will 10x playthrough requirement, you will have to wager it 10 times in order to be able to claim it. Once the requirement is fulfilled, you will receive $50 in real money, even though you won much more by wagering it 10 times.    

Deposit/Withdrawal Rules

It’s often the case that casinos have much more methods for deposits in their offer than those for payouts. What this means is that if you play at a casino for real money and win, you might not be able to withdraw it. If the casino’s withdrawal methods are only those that you can’t use in your county, the many you won will stay stuck in your casino account!

The bad news is that not many casinos are very transparent about this particular issue. This is just one more reason why it’s of utmost importance to go through the casino’s Terms and Conditions properly before depositing your money. Our advice is to focus especially on the section about deposits and withdrawals!

Fair Play Rules

Fair play rules are there to ensure no cheating will happen! If you use an illegal method to win money on a casino game, they will ban you and/or notify the authorities. Some casinos even have the clause that allows them to suspend your account if there’s even the slightest concern that you might not be playing by the book.

Of course, the fairness rules do not apply only to players, but the casino operator as wellFair play rules . If a casino has a license in a certain country, it means that it must abide by its rules and regulations. The country in question has the right to control their work and sanction any breach of the fair play. In layman’s terms, this means that if a casino is licensed, you have nothing to worry about its legitimacy.

Still, this doesn’t mean that the license should be your only criteria in the search for good casinos. You also need to take many other things into consideration, including its relation to customer satisfaction, its security features, live support, and so on.

Surely, you also need to pay attention to what other players think about the casino, by reading online casino reviews. A good source of honest reviews of casinos that are favourites of Aussie players is our website.

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