How To Join An Online Casino VIP Club

casino vipIf you play regularly in an online casino, you will notice they have a loyalty program that allows you to earn loyalty points for every game you play in the casino. You can redeem these loyalty points for casino bonuses, but aside from these bonuses, the more loyalty points you accumulate, the more rewards you'll get in the casino. You can get great perks such as better rakebacks, special promotions and extra bonus offers. In fact, almost all casinos on the internet have their own loyalty points reward program that eventually leads to the online casino's VIP club.  The VIP Clubs are the creme-de-la-creme of any casino and offer a range of super rewarding benefits to their members, such as holidays, birthday presents, dedicated account managers, extra bonuses and exclusive competitions. But how can you join up to such a juicy VIP program?  


How Online Casino Loyalty Points Work For You

Membership requirements for the loyalty program will vary from one casino to another. In most cases, you will be eligible for the online casino loyalty program upon depositing a specified minimum amount of money, for example, if your total deposited amount over several installments has reached at least $500, or if you make a one-time deposit of at least $300. However, there are also some casinos that will automatically sign you up to their loyalty points program as soon as you register and make your first deposit.

As you continue playing your favourite games, you will start to accumulate loyalty points that you can redeem for casino rewards and bonuses. In a casino loyalty club, you can normally expect several Loyalty levels that you can climb, often called 'Bronze,' 'Silver' and 'Gold' or something similar, which you can reach simply by playing your favourite games online and accumulating enough loyalty points. Every time you play a game in a casino where you’re a member of the loyalty club, you will earn loyalty points and increase your ranking.

The highest level is always the casino's VIP club. Once you become a VIP, a dedicated VIP casino account manager will be assigned to contact you and invite you to their exclusive VIP membership program. Once you join, you will enjoy exceptional, personalized service and exclusive competitions, offers and benefits.


The Perks of Having VIP Status

Being part of a casino’s VIP Club will grant you an unparalleled gaming experience that you can’t normally experience from being just a regular casino player. Typically, the perks and benefits you can get once you sign up for an online casino’s VIP club are as follows:

1. Dedicated VIP Team Support

As a VIP, you will have access to a dedicated VIP Club account manager. They will always be available for you 24/7 to help answer any questions you might have or help you sort through any issues you might encounter. 

2. Exclusive Invitations

With VIP Club membership you will receive personal invitations to the casino’s special tournaments, competitions and events. Events can include skiing trips in the Austrian Alps, Championship Poker Tournaments in Vegas, VIP passes to music concerts, holidays at island casino resorts and much more! Each event is carefully planned and designed to give you an exceptional experience. And even if you live in another country, if you are invited to a VIP casino event it will usually include a VIP host chaperone, the airplane tickets, 5 Star Hotel, meals and VIP tickets to the event itself. Moreover, you also get to benefit of special personalised deals and offers that are tailored to suit your preferences.

3. Enhanced Payouts and Jackpots

As a VIP Club member, you can expect bigger rewards, jackpots and payouts when you play your favourite online casino games. 

4. Super Bonuses

online casino vipVIP members enjoy special, personalised bonuses that are only available to VIP members, such as birthday bonuses and High Roller rewards. There are even some that offer surprise rewards through personalized gifts and other convenient treats. Basically, once you are a VIP Club member, you'll want to read every single email you receive from your account manager!

5. Access to Exclusive Games & Competitions

You will also be invited to join exclusive competitions every month that offer phenomenal prizes designed to get your heart racing and spoil you rotten! You could also be invited to try out new games offered by an online casino first! In some cases, the games are invited to try out can’t be found in any other casinos. You can even enjoy massive free bonuses just for trying such games!

What VIP Club Points to Consider before Signing Up

If you are serious about your online entertainment, one of the first points to consider before registering with any online casino is what kind of Loyalty Rewards program they offer.

Most online casinos will offer VIP clubs that regularly offer massive free bonuses and even provide you with a money back on any losses you might experience. The reason they’re able to offer such amazing perks is due to the fact that they don’t have the same overheads as their land-based counterparts. Hence, rather than providing their gifts in the form of free drinks or any physical reward, you can enjoy virtual cash and bonus reward incentives instead.

You should check the Loyalty rewards' conditions, how difficult it is to climb the levels and even how many levels you'll need to climb before reaching VIP status.  

Most casinos' VIP club rewards and benefits are kept close to the chest until you reach membership yourself. So ou should also check online casino reviews to find out if their VIP Club is worth your effort. The latest VIP club special events and competitions are also often included in the casino's online blog posts, as incentives to show you what benefits you could enjoy.

Finally, you should know that the bigger and more established casinos are known for spoiling their VIP Club members and giving them extravagant gifts and perks that many of the newer online casinos can't afford to offer. But there are exceptions to this rule and some of the newer online casinos make a point of spoiling their VIP players to the extreme.

From the perspective of the casinos themselves, the VIP players are not just their top clients: how much VIP members enjoy playing at the casino can either secure a new online casino's reputation, or destroy it. So it's in the casino's best interest to suprise, please and spoil their VIPs rotten!


Interesting in joining a casino VIP club and getting the most out of the best casino rewards program? Sign up now!

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