What's it going to be? Red or black? Find out how to play roulette online, the favourite table-game around the globe, loved for its simplicity and variety of betting.

Playing French Roulette

French roulette is one variation of the traditional roulette game.  Roulette gained popularity throughout Europe and made its way to America where high-stakes players had rather exclusive access to the game for many decades before it became vastly popular across casinos everywhere. The game is well-known for its entertainment value and its formidable potential for profit. The term translates to “little wheel”, a name clearly attributed to the large wheel used during the game.

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Playing French Roulette versus American Roulette

Most players who visit Monte Carlo will see French Roulette featured rather prominently but for everyone else, stumbling upon this variant might not happen for many casino trips. It is a tad different than other variations because of the unique table layout. Additionally, this particular game provides the lowest house advantage compared to any of the variation whereby the edge is reduced to 1.35% here at Australia Casino. This game is played on the standard European wheel which features numbers one all the way through 36 and then has a single zero. Traditionally on most roulette wheels the numbers which are marked from 1 to 36 are alternately colored in red and black the single zero is green. The French table is the only one to feature the single zero exclusively. European roulette versions have the single zero but American versions have both the single zero and the 00 which is actually what increases the house odds against players. Moreover all the numbers that you see on the French table are white.French Roulette - Vive la Différence!

Another distinction between these two variations is that the numbers are located in different groupings. When you look at the table the layout will not be the same so while you’re betting options might be the same in terms of the groupings, the numbers contained therein will change. Finally, the position for outside betting is different. With the French variation the outside betting field is actually split in half and it’s located along both sides of your table layout, so you can bet with that screen after you deposit for bonuses and special offers.

Playing the French version of online Roulette

The main objective when playing this French version is to predict which pocket the ball will finally settle into, and to have placed a bet on that particular pocket. In order to do this the players place bets on individual numbers after which the dealer will turn the wheel in one direction and watch the ball spinning in the opposite direction. Once the ball finds its way into a single pocket the respective winners are paid. When you look at the French table it will have French and English translations available for the sections such as odd or even.

Placing your bets and learning about French Roulette

The betting layout is comprised of two sections when you play roulette at online casinos. There are bets you can place on individual numbers and group bets. When you’re playing the French Roulette versions you can take advantage of inside bets and outside bets. Inside bets are made on individual numbers, adjacent numbers, or small groups but the outside bets encompass larger sections of numbers. When you look at the table layout itself you see the perspective outside that groupings predetermined. French Roulette - Online Roulette ReviewThe majority of bets provide different odds of winning and respectably different payouts. These are usually not listed on the board itself so you need to be aware of what the payouts and the odds are going to be before you start placing your bets. A straight up bet is one you placed on a single number in the payout is 35 to 1. A split bet is where you place a bet on two adjacent numbers and you physically place it on the line between these numbers. The payout is 17 to 1. A street bet is where you bet on all three numbers in a row and you place your chips at the end of the row. Payout for this is 11 to 1. A corner bet is where you place a bet on for numbers by putting your chips at the corner where all four numbers touch. The payout for this is 8 to 1. The line that is where you bet on two rows of three numbers in total giving you six numbers. You will place the chips at the end of the two rows on the border between each row and if you win the payout is 5 to 1. Then there are outside bets where you bet on an entire column for example in the payout is 2 to 1. There are dozen bets which, as the name suggests, means you are betting on a dozen numbers at once for which the payout is 2 to 1. Can also bet on the colour. You can choose to bet on the black diamonds or the red diamonds for which the payout is even 1 to 1. On a similar note you can place bets on odd numbers versus even numbers which, as the name suggests, it means you are betting that the ball will land in a pocket for any of the odd numbers for any of the even numbers on the table. Again, the payout for this is 1 to 1. There is an option to bet on all the high numbers or all the low numbers. You place your bet in the appropriate box for the numbers one through 18 or the numbers 19 through 36. Again, you will get a payout of 1 to 1.


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