High Roller / VIP Bonuses - Unique Offers for High Rollers

by Jack Harris | 09/03/2019
VIP High Roller Bonuses

If you are looking for an interesting set of rewards when you play online with large sums of money, you may be eligible for high roller / VIP bonuses. Casinos provide casino bonuses to all players, yet they especially want to reward players who play with large amounts of money as these Very Important People can bring more revenue to the casino and they can also recommend friends in a similar income bracket to play there too. Casinos will want to retain these players and keep them happy with unique bonuses. 

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For those who don't want to bet on penny slots, there are ample casinos online that offer High Roller bonuses and VIP bonuses for big spenders. With these high roller and VIP bonuses, players get to take advantage of loyalty programs that reward them for betting a certain amount of money or playing a certain number of times. When you sign up for online casinos you get the same type of reward structure that you would find in a physical Casino. When you walk into a physical casino and sign up for some sort of VIP treatment you typically get a card linked to your account like a credit card.  You insert this card when you walk up to any machine or hand it to the staff when you sit down at a table. That way all of the money you bet and the games you play are recorded. The more money you end up playing, the more often you end up using the card, the more points you accumulate. Once you reach a certain point of accumulation you are rewarded with special bonuses  - typically things like invitations to fly you out to the casino again for the weekend so that you play more, or free hotel rooms, or free games.

Online VIP Bonuses

 The same type of thing happens online with an online casino VIP bonus. Typically, you can find physical rewards offered to you from your virtual casinos. Once you reach a certain level of VIP status these casinos might provide you with free flights to a land-based associated casino where you get a certain number of chips with which to play. They might also invite you to special VIP events or provide you with special packages such as restaurant reservations, or even holidays abroad.

Other High Roller and VIP Benefits Online

High roller / VIP bonusOther high roller bonus options that typically come with VIP bonus or high roller status include invitations to participate in tournaments online for free after you play online pokies. Virtual casinos operating online will often have a tiered structure for their reward system. This allows you to continually climb that ladder as you play more often and with more money. Each level brings with it different benefits. They won't always reveal on the website what the benefits are because they want to keep that information private. In many cases, however, they start giving you things like free withdrawals. Websites that typically charge you a processing fee every time you withdraw your winnings might forgo that processing fee for VIP or high rollers. Once your account reaches a certain level they might also offer things like extra games on a regular basis. You might get special bonuses on different days of the week that are not available to other players. Some of the websites out there today offer things like private financial planners who can help you with any strategic questions you might have and will monitor how effectively you play different games so that they can help provide you with better strategies so you can win more often.

Finding an Aussie New Casino VIP Package 

Each website is different with regard to online high roller bonus options at real money casinos. Each Casino has a different way of rewarding loyalty. It is best for you to investigate the different rewards programs out there because some are going to be more fitting to your lifestyle and your desires than others. If, for example, you currently spend a lot of money gaining entry into online tournaments, a website that offers free entry on a regular basis not just to virtual tournaments but eventually to physical land-based tournaments alongside free airfare and hotels might be the perfect benefit program for you. If you like to put all of your money into High Roller slot games then a website with rewards programs like double points on Wednesdays for VIP Personnel might be the perfect option for you. And you want to see whether that program has any strings attached. Obviously, all programs are going to require you to play a certain amount and make sure they don't have requirements that force you to continually meet a certain number of games played or a certain amount of money bet. There shouldn't be any pressure on you to always gamble $5,000 every month in order to maintain your status.  And of course, you have the option of hedging so to speak by taking whatever bankroll you have on a regular basis and dividing it amongst two or three websites that have the most appealing VIP status programs or high roller rewards programs. Doing so allows you to capitalize upon many different types of bonuses and when you can win the highest amount of money long-term.

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To find out more about online high roller and VIP bonuses, sign up to start playing at new Aussie casinos immediately. 

VIP Bonus FAQ's

What are VIP and High Roller Casino Bonuses?

The term ‘High Roller’ is normally used to refer to a player who likes to bet a lot of money at the casino. In order to encourage these high rollers, online casinos have created high roller bonuses that offer a lavish betting experience. Players who deposit a large sum of money when signing up are eligible to get high roller bonuses. The deposit amount can be $500 or more. Usually, these types of bonuses are less than 100% match bonuses and will likely be in the range of 40% to 50% of the deposited amount. Players who choose high roller bonuses often enjoy privileges that other players don’t. They are eligible for speedy withdrawal of their winning amount and are offered higher wagering limits.

Why Do Some Games Contribute Less Than Other Games to My Wagering Requirement In a Casino?

It is important to keep in mind that some games contribute a less percentage towards the wagering requirements compared to others. Table games such as roulette and online blackjack, contribute noticeably less than games such as online slots.

How Much Is Left of My Bonus To Wager?

If you want to know how much you have left to wager before your bonus funds convert into real cash, you can log in to your account and select the ‘bonuses’ tab. Here you will find how much is left to wager on your bonuses.

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