What's it going to be? Red or black? Find out how to play roulette online, the favourite table-game around the globe, loved for its simplicity and variety of betting.

Play European Roulette Online

If there is one game that the majority of people would associate the overall experience in the casino with it’s roulette. Now, the game has grown to have a few different variations, but the most popular kinds of online roulette are European roulette and American roulette. The differences are quite substantial in terms of betting and odds distribution. Although American Roulette is generally considered the more popular of the two, European roulette offers slightly better odds and the rules are a bit more sophisticated. So read on to discover what differentiates European roulette and why roulette connoisseurs prefer this to any other online roulette game.

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The Basics of European Roulette

This is a game which takes place on a standard roulette table with a wheel which comes with 37 different divisions. 36 of them are for the numbers from 1 to 36 and the 37th one is designated for the 0. The wheel is set to spin in one direction and a little white ball is thrown into the roulette wheel and spins in the other direction until it finally stops on one of the numbers. Before the ball stops, you place your bet on which number, or group of numbers, you think the ball is going to land on. If you are right, you win.

Online European Roulette is Not Complicated To Learn

Playing European roulette online is likely to be one of the most comprehensive and easiest games to learn. All you have to do is click on the picture of the table to place your bet, press spin and hope for the ball to fall within the appropriate section. This is literally all you have to do. This is why online roulette, in general, is so easy and fun. Of course, once you start playing you'll start noticing patterns and more advanced playing options. In that case, you are welcome to browse our comprehensive guide on how to play roulette for a full overview.

roulette tableOne of the best things about the game is that the odds are also incredibly easy to calculate. There is a total of 37 numbers on the board. If you bet that one of them will be the winner, your odds are essentially 1:37. The payout is calculated by multiplying your bet by your overall odds, counting 36 numbers on the board as the 0 is excluded. Therefore, in the aforementioned scenario, if you place $1 bet on the number 1 and it hits, you will get $36 worth of winning. That’s pretty amazing, isn’t it?

Respectively, if you place your bet on 2 numbers, you will have 1:18 odds, therefore winning 18 times your bet, and so on.

Additionally, you are able to place a range of different betting types. With this in mind, you can bet whether the winning number is going to be red or black, even or uneven, part of a certain group of numbers and so forth. This is where the game starts to get more interesting and strategic, rather than simply a beginners game of luck. And this is also where the advantages of playing European roulette vs American roulette come into play because, with the extra 00 pocket, American roulette has a slightly higher house advantage.

Why Play European Roulette?

Well, the truth is that the game is incredibly interesting and fairly straightforward. What is more, there is room for implementing certain strategies which makes it a bit more than just gambling. There are quite a few different strategies that you might want to take into account if you are a more serious player. On the other hand, the game is also perfectly suitable for those of you who just want to blow off some steam and test out their luck on the tables.

Who Plays Online European Roulette?

The game is truly versatile and as such it attracts a serious range of players. This is why European roulette attracts roulette players of all levels - from beginners who are just testing their luck, to the more advanced players testing their skills and strategies. There are serious gamblers as well as rookies who are setting their foot in the online casino, figuratively, for the first time. European roulette is a versatile game that is enjoyable for different reasons no matter what your playing level, which is one reason why it's so popular and highly regarded.

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Finding an Excellent European Roulette Casino Online

So are you ready to find a great online casino to play European roulette online?  "Why online?" you ask. Well, the truth is that online casinos provide a range of different advantages.

Right off the bat, you can essentially experience the same sensation as if you were in the brick and mortar venue without having to go through the inconvenience of leaving your home. Furthermore, most of the online casinos that we recommend are mobile-friendly and they are accessible from virtually everywhere. This means that you can play whenever you have some down time and want to have some fun: while you are on a vacation, on the beach or while idly chilling at home – all you need is a mobile device and an internet connection.

Finally, as mentioned, European roulette is just as fun and interesting for beginners as it is for advanced players. That is because there are so many different styles and strategies for playing European roulette that once you start, the fun is only just beginning. Just like in the best video games, the better you get at playing roulette, the more levels of play you will discover. So you want to play at an online casino site where you feel comfortable, that has great rewards programs and that has top-notch software available for wherever, and whenever, you feel like improving your game and winning money.

European roulette is considered the creme-de-la-creme of online roulette, so find a premium online casino and start building up your casino bankroll today.

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