The Knights are Back

The Avalon II is a five-reel slot game that offers players a whopping 243 different ways to earn something. The game offers the player a vast amount of bonuses and rewards to play online pokies. With the sheer amount of ways to win you can guarantee that you will have hours taken away from you form the overwhelming joyous experience, you will have. Also, you can use a no deposit bonus to try out this game before you place any real money. Avalon II Slot Review

This is something that Microgaming developers have become so well known for and something that we have really grown to appreciate form this developer. It is no wonder why this developer has become one of the premier online casino. Offering exciting promotions as well as tremendous help there really is no reason not to try and give this game a look. With an RTP of 97%, what do you have to lose?

Visuals and Audio

Perhaps one of our favourite aspects of Microgaming games comes in the form of how much detail and attention they put into their games. In the Avalon II, the developers have yet again been able to capture a theme perfectly, and this is something that we have grown to appreciate form many of their games. The visuals are absolutely stunning and the audio that they use to capture the whole "Knight Era" is something that greatly shows the passion these developers have when creating their games. 

If you are a lover of the whole Knights and magic theme, then you will fall head over heels for the level of detail they put into this game. Yet another masterpiece game form a master of the gaming casino world. 

Bonus Rounds

This wouldn't be a Microgaming game if it didn't have free spins and wild bonuses. The free spins have become the bread and butter if many of their games and something that has really distinguished this gaming development company forms others. 

Free Spins: Free Spins are given out a vast amount of the time. For almost every spin that you spin on the reel, you will recover a spin; and when you couple that you receive free spins and the game has an RTP of, hold on to your seat, 97%, it becomes more than evident that the developers are on your side in this battle. 

Wild Bonus: This bonus aAvalon II Slot Winllows you to switch out images on the reel that will help you increase your overall earnings. 

When it comes to earnings and bonuses, Microgaming does a fantastic job of assisting their players.

The Verdict

Microgaming is probably one of the best online casino slot developers in the online world. If you are new to the whole online slot game, then we highly recommend that you try their games. They are not only fun to play and look at, but they are very easy to win. 

Give this game a try and feel the magic of the online slot world!


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