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By Jack Harris
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Wedding Day Jitters

And here I thought Microgaming stuck only to the male audience. Well - I was wrong. In the Bridesmaids slot game, fans of the movie will be left entirely in awe of the experience they will have while playing this game. In Bridesmaids, the amazing gaming developers offer players the chance to earn some big bucks but at the cost of them and a visual appeal that is at best - meh. 

Here is our review of the Bridesmaids slot game - enjoy. 

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Bridesmaids Slot Review

Like many Microgaming games, this is a five reel slot game with an RTP that falls in the area of 94.68% - 97%. This is salient as it shows how high a chance a person has to win and get some money back. Players are given an opportunity to pay as little as 0.03 cents and as high as 30 dollars. 

Now it wouldn't be a Microgaming game if we didn't have free spins and boy do you get a heap of free turns as well as other bonuses which we will discuss later on. This is one of the more fun casino games, and we were elated at the amount of bonuses that we experienced. The best part of this game is that you can play this for free online at many online casino platforms. Furthermore, if you get sign up bonus, you get another bonus. Well alright. 

And speaking of bonuses this is where this game really shines, and it does so with such grace and beauty; what else could you expect from a bride, am I right? Bridesmaids Slot Game Paytable


The game excels in the are of bonus and to be frank this is exactly why we have fallen in love with this game. I guess it is true never judge a book by its cover. The game is a queen with the bonuses. And four bonuses are offered to players. The four bonuses are: 

  • Flying High Free Spins: Players are given ten free spins with wild stacks.
  • Friendship free spins: The ten free spins will all win, and there will be a  payout both ways. 
  • Boutique bonus rule: this is very much like the ‘matching’ game. What you need to match bridesmaids. So for example, if you get 2 of the brides, you lose.
  • Magic Moment: you will have to pick a prize. This is cash prizes too.

There are also multipliers that are given and depending on the color that is given the number of the multiplier will increase as well substantially.

Bridesmaids Slot GameplayThe Theme

Okay, I may get hate for this, but the theme was just not my take. If you are a fan of the movie, you will fall in love with it, but when I compare this to the Dark Knight gaming, I just don't understand why they didn't implement the scenes of the movie as well. That is perplexing to me. 

Final Thoughts

It is true to never judge a book by its cover, and for this game, it really was a joy to play. I really enjoyed the bonus rounds throughout this game. Having to pick between different brides was most enjoyable and when you couple the fact that the earning you have can be multiplied by a different color bride gown that was also icing on the cake. 

If you are looking for a new slot game, then I highly recommend that you give this game a look. It is fun, enjoyable and very much worth the time. You can go to Australia Casino online to play and start earning money today. 

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