Event Horizon: Review

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A Sci-fi online casino game that maybe even Neil Degrasse Tyson would love. Okay maybe not the great Neil Degrasse Tyson, but we are sure there are some hardcore sci-fi fans out there that will lose their heads over this online slot casino game. Event Horizon Slot is an online pokies game created by the famed and popular online slot developer, Betsoft. 
RTP : 96.5%
Paylines: 25 Paylines
Reels: 3-5 Reels
Launch Date:
June, 2017

The Stars Have Shown Favor

In Event Horizon you can play pokies to win real money. Taking their cues from the late 90s sci-fi genre, those who follow these types of cultural icons will be excited by the visual and the audios of this game. Continue to read this review and be amazed at the out of this world event in Event Horizon online slot. 

300% up to
+ 100 Free Spins
Up To
150 Free Spins

Event Horizon is a five-reel online slot game that offers plater 243 different ways to win. The game does not offer free spins, bonuses or multipliers. However, the RTP is still rather high, sitting at 96.13% making this one of our favourite online casino choices. Players can wager as low as $0Event Horizon Slot Review.01 and as high as $0.25. 

The fairly small amount that can be waged on a game coupled with the 243 different ways that a person can earn something is one of the best aspects of this game. It is entertaining trying your luck and knowing that whatever you wage will most certainly come back to you. 

With a wage of only a penny, you really aren't breaking the bank in this game, but you will be able to pocket some real cash if you are lucky. 

Visuals and Audio

Betsoft is usually one of the best regarding the visuals they provide their players. And in this game, they do not fail to deliver on this as well. The game offers a look that captures the whole ate 90s sci-fi error. Are we talking Matrix scenes? No, but that would be epic if hey could have added. 

When you play online pokies, you expect games to keep your attention and what better way to keep your attention than through great visuals. That is what Betsoft offers their players and they do so in style. 

Bonus and Rewards

The game lacks bonuses. This is because this is a low variance game, meaning that the smaller winnings are given out much more frequently. So in the end, bonus rounds and free spins are not really required when you are earning on almost every spin. In a sense, this is the best reward as you can try your luck without fear of losing out. But if you sign up at a new casino to try out this game, you can use the Welcome Bonus to extend your playtime!

The VerdictEvent Horizon Slot Win

The Event Horizon offers players a great game to not only kill some time but also to earn a bit of extra pocket cash. With the sheer amount of wins that are given out frequently this game is perhaps one of the best ways to get some extra cash and if you are on a roll to earn something noticeable. 

Because of the overwhelming amount of ways to win and the low variance earning something is relatively easy. This is a great game for those who are new to the whole online casino world and are looking to see what the fuss is about. 

In addition to those who may be veterans, this is an excellent little game to also step your foot in. Veterans will be much more prone to earning more as the gameplay is relatively simple. 

If you are looking for a new online slot game, then we highly recommend that you give this game a look. It's very easy to play and very cheap to wage on. 


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