Luck Is On Your Side in Irish Eyes Slot

Irish Eyes

In the Irish Eyes Slot game created by the very popular NextGen developers, players are given an excellent cultural escape into the Irish lore and mythology - much to our enjoyment. Irish Eyes is a very dated game, howveer the overall enjoyment and the amount of money that can gain from engaging in this game is quite high. The RTP only sits at 95.13%. 

With the odds this much in your favor you won't need a lucky four leaf clover to start earning big, and you won't have to find the end of the rainbow. All you will need is your laptop, desktop or mobile device and you will be awarded that pot of gold in the form of real-life money. 

In many online casino games to play it can be difficult to choose from the many games out there - "luckily" for you, we have taken the liberty to write this most stellar and most informative review. Follow our lead instead of the rainbow, and you will be rewarded treasures beyond your dreams and imagination. 

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Irish Eyes Slot ReviewIrish Eyes Online Slot Review

There is nothing quite like trying your luck online and having the opportunity to play for real money. Irish Eyes is available to play at many of the hottest new online casinos. The developers at NextGen have created a most enjoyable game as well as a rather entertaining slot game reel to look at. 

The game may not have as many graphics and stunning animation as many other slot games out there, but the game does offer a superb level of fun and excitement, which come in the form of their bonus rounds and rewards that are given out to players. 

The five reel slot game excels in providing players great assistance in the form of our friendly little leprechaun. 

Bonuses and Rewards

In this online casino bonuses come in the form of two distinct rounds that provide the player's alternate ways to increase their earnings, and these two rounds come in the form of: 

  • Wild Symbols - In this bonus round players are given a chance to increase their earnings. 
  • Scattered Symbol - In this bonus round players can swap out images on the reel to gain more free spins, which are quite beneficial for future spins. 

Irish Eyes Slot WinMultiple Platforms 

The Irish Eyes Slot game is a multiple platform online casino game. Meaning you can play this game on your tablet, mobile phone, laptop or your desktop. The sheer amount of platforms allows for easier accessibility for players and thus makes earning money via this online casino game that much easier. 

The Visuals and Audio 

The visuals will by no means win a game of the year's award in the realm of graphics. However, the visuals and the bit of animation that is used is quite entertaining to watch and the audio compliments the overall theme of the game. 

In spite of this comment, however, the overall game does offer a most joyous experience, and we found ourselves playing for hours in this particular online slot game; there are many to choose from. 

The Verdict 

If you are looking for a game that will offer you a great introduction to the realm of the online slot game, then we highly recommend that you give this game a try. The game won't wow you in looks but will leave you floored with the joyous gaming experience that it does offer. 

If you want to try this game and give it a go, then you can check here at Australia Casino. The game is fairly easy to play and doesn't require that you spend a huge amount to play.

With all this in mind you have so much to gain and very little to lose, so why not grab some luck o' the Irish?