Jurassic Park Slot Review

Jurassic Park Slot: Welcome To Jurassic Slot 

The Jurassic Park Slot offers players a host of ways to win in this epic game. Players have up to 243 different ways in which they can win something. Microgaming, the developers of this game, have become very popular for this reason. In this online game, you play a slot game that has five reels and three rows. Different images come up along the spins, each of which in certain combinations provides you a reward that will assist you in your endeavors. 

The game offers a high RTP of up to 97% as well as many bonuses. There are no deposit bonuses - meaning, for many who start out they will instantly be rewarded with some kind of reward. Like we said 243 different ways to win, and you can win by simply signing up. Not too bad if we do say so ourselves. 

Bonus and Features

This is where the game really shines. There are two specific bonuses that we really enjoyed, which are: 
Scatters: This bonus is so cool. When you land on three eggs, you will see different dinosaurs hatching. In this bonus, the dinosaurs are never the same that hatch and thus the rewards and bonuses you get are never the same. Yet another reason why this is a most enjoyable game. 
T-Rex Alert: In this bonus, players are offered 35 extra wild spins which enable for higher gains to be earned. Bring in the big cheese on this one. 


Jurassic Park Slot Paytable


    The Visuals and Audio

    The developers must have also been fans beJurassic Park Slot Wincause of they really put a lot of effort into the animation of this game. They greatly capture the feeling of the movie with the animation of certain dinosaurs when you spin on their images as well as the soundtrack. The soundtrack is straight out of the movie, and we couldn't be more excited about that. 

      Final Verdict

      We are a huge fan of the franchise, and it is outstanding to see how much detail and love the Microgaming developing staff decided to put into this game. Microgaming has always been an outstanding developer, and they have really outdone themselves in this game. It really is appreciated to have the bonus rounds given to us with such a high level of animation in it.  If you are intrigued by this game and would like to try your luck at it, you can play it here at Australia Casino online.

      Offering numerous ways to win and boasting a top-rated franchise - this may very well be the online slot game for you. 



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