Thunderstruck II Slot Review

Thunderstruck II: The God of Lightning and Trickery

If you fell in love with the first Thunderstruck game you will fall in love with their latest version; Thunderstruck II. This online slot offers players plenty of rewards and bonuses that are bestowed by the Thundergod. In this exciting slots game, Microgaming has really outdone themselves once again and has shown why they are one of the premier online casino game developers for hardcore online gamblers or for new players. 

If you love to play slots for real money, then this is really the online slot game for you. Numerous wins of up to 243 different ways to win, a vibrant and unique visual design and a soundtrack that compliments the overall joyous experience - you are sure to have a great time while playing Thunderstruck II. 

Thunderstruck II: The God of Lightning and TrickeryThunderstruck II Paytable

Right off the bat, Microgaming continued to keep what was brilliant and enjoyable about the first game and greatly add to it in this version. The first thing you will immediately notice is the number of ways in which you can earn some form of a win, albeit free spins, bonuses or cash rewards. 

In these exciting online pokies, earning money has never been easier and more enjoyable. The game features four of the main Norse mythological gods who are Thor (not the movie Thor, we are also sad), Odin, Valkryie, and Loki. 

Now, this is important as these characters all represent different victories and earnings that can gain while landing on their images. For example, anding on Thor's hammer with three successive images will allow you to earn ten free spins. 

The free spins are truly a "godsend" as they allow for greater rewards and more chances of earning money. Once in a while, a rarity indeed, there is a specific image that substantially increases your earning, and this comes in the form of the Wild Storm. 

This is a unique image and dramatically falls in line with the Thor and Odin mythological power. Landing on this picture will reward you with 2,430,000 coins; not too bad if we do say so. 

In the Thunderstruck 2 players have the opportunity to secure a bonus of 1600 euros and also get 50 free spins. Thus, Thunderstruck 2 is one of the slots that give a very attractive bonus and also because the slot is so popular and still enjoys a lot of demand.

The Visual and Audio

Perhaps one of the best aspThunderstruck II Winects of this game, aside from the overwhelming opportunities of winning, comes in the form of the visuals. If you are a lover of Norse mythology, you will greatly appreciate the visual designs of this game. Microgaming has once again shown us why we love their games and they have not disappointed in this slot game. 

However, where the game really excels in offering an experience that is out of this world comes in the form of the soundtrack which we greatly enjoyed listening to. 

Although these slot games may not be AAA video games, the overall visuals and audio are of high enough quality to keep us coming back and revisiting the gods of chance in this game. 

Final Verdict

With so many online slot games becoming more prevalent it can be somewhat tricky trying to pick through games and find which is a good game for you. That is why here at Australia Casino we offer the best reviews possible to point you in the right directions. Each online slot game offers players a wholly unique taste of the whole online casino experience. 

If you are a hardcore fan of the online slot game or just a beginner of the online slot game, then we highly recommend that you try your hand in Thunderstruck II. Offering an excellent gaming experience, sweet visuals and a fantastic soundtrack and overall 243 different ways of winning and earning some form of cash this game literally gives you money. With an RTP of over 97%, your chances of winning are all but guaranteed. Do yourself a favour and try your luck in this amazing game.

The gods are on your side and have found favour in you.

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