Video Poker and All The Fun that Comes With It

Video poker is one of the most popular online casino games and it’s for a range of good reasons. The game is thrilling, it’s very interesting and, most importantly – it’s not that complicated. This makes it accessible for a range of different players throughout the entire world. If you’re in Australia, though, and you are left wondering about the best place to blow off some steam and play some real money video poker, allow us to elaborate.

Best Video Poker Casinos - October 2021


So What is Video Poker?

Well, this is a slot-like game based on the popular poker game but with a twist - you don't play against real players but you have to defeat a pre-determined hand. Most of the games are set so that you have to beat a pair of Jacks in a game of traditional American poker. You are dealt a hand of 5 cards and you can go ahead and hold to it or to any of the cards and exchange as many of them as you want to. If the resulting combination defeats the pre-determined hand of the "opponent", you win the specified amount. The stronger your hand is - the more money you will make. There is a comprehensive chart which shows you exactly how much money each combination is worth. If you fail to beat the Jacks, you lose your bet. It's as simple as that. 

Real money casino games are very thrilling but you’d want to play them in a fully secured environment. With that said, it is important to understand that choosing the casino is quite important. Following are the perks of playing video poker for money and how to identify the best online casinos in Australia to do that.

Jacks or Better Video poker for real moneyPlay Real Money Video Poker

It goes without saying that the perks are numerous. Real money video poker is one of the most popular games which are played at an online casino and that’s rather logical. As we’ve mentioned before, it brings a tremendous amount of convenience that a lot of different players quickly appreciate.

But the benefits of the game spun way beyond that. Let’s have a look at a few of them.

  1. It’s really thrilling

Playing video poker for real money feels much like real money slot games – you have a chance to win big but you never really know when you will hit the cash. With this said, there is something tremendously thrilling about placing your own, hard-earned cash on a spin that may actually turn out to be a life-changing one.

It is also important to note that the game is far more enjoyable than the majority of slots because it does come with the classic overall appeal of poker. While you won’t be playing against a real player and you would only be up against the house, the game is still incredibly interesting and it does bring slight challenges. Of course, all of them are far easier compared to online poker.

The two games shouldn’t be confused as they have little to nothing in common. This is something quite important. If you get in-depth, you’d find out that these are essentially two completely different games.

  1. It’s rewarding

While playing video poker for play money might bring you a sense of achievement, there’s nothing like winning some real cash out of it.

What is more, cash prizes are not the only thing that you can win. Different top casinos online offer a range of comprehensive bonuses to keep you engaged. With that said, some of them would also have a reward club where you can earn points for every cent you spend and win in order to win exciting rewards. Money is not the only thing that you can get as some venues offer memorabilia, increased winnings and a lot more.

  1. You Can Play at Your Own Pace

When you play video poker for real money, you are free to play the way you see fit. You can bet as much or as less as you want to depending on the cash you have available – this is actually one of the things that you ought to keep in mind.

It’s an effective winning strategy to keep an eye on your bankroll and size your bets and playing sessions accordingly. This is going to help you win in the long run and prevent any serious turmoils and upsets in your account.


Be Prepared for Super Real Money Wins

online casino real money video poker games While trying to win some serious amounts could be particularly exhilarating, it could also be rather risky. In other words, you need to make sure that you are well aware about all the rules and you are capable of employing a winning strategy. While a lot of you may think it’s a game of pure chance, the reality is that there are things you could do to get ahead of the game and lower the edge of the house substantially while empowering your winning capabilities.

With all this being said, remember that it’s very important to pick the right casino. Australia is home to quite a lot of different online venues that you could take advantage of. As a matter of fact, getting overwhelmed in the abundance is not that hard.

This is why we’ve handpicked and curated some of the best online casinos in the country and we’ve put them down in a concise list for our users to benefit. They are all using high-end security standards and are abiding by all of the regulatory proceedings.

Each one of the casinos on our list offer video poker as well as a myriad of different games to cater to every single preference of the user. This is something highly beneficial and it delivers a lot of value to our customers.

The only thing that’s left for you to do is to go ahead and make sure that you register an account at any of the given venues. The process is very simple and easy to follow. Once you are done, you will have to go through the quick procedure for depositing money and you can start earning serious prices right away – it’s a couple of minutes’ worth of work.

Don’t hesitate and register now and explore the possibilities that real money video poker brings to the table.

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