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James Bond would  be so jealous – while he had to go to the fine casinos in Monte Carlo to hear the word Banco!, you can simply play baccarat online right here at Australia Casino and you’ll get the same (well almost the same) experience as Mr. Bond got – sans the need for a heart defibrillator in the car of course.

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Just Like Vegas

Go into any find casino and you’ll find that there is always a velvet roped back room where the game of kings and queens is played. Baccarat has usually been reserved for those who had serious money to spend as opposed to those who simply wanted to experience what all the fuss was about. However, these days you can get the Vegas experience, sans the bland food at the buffet when you play baccarat online right here.

Like a Smoke? A Drink? No Problem!

One of the things we’ve become increasingly annoyed about is the fact that smoking and drinking are considered to be taboo in public. We say if you want to play online baccarat and have a drink or a smoke while doing so, then you should have the right to do so. We’ll never judge you and we’ll never wave a hand in annoyance as you blow smoke at the computer screen.

Don’t Like Smoke? No Problem!

Of course, there are also those who prefer to play online baccarat without any smoke or drink to distract them. When you got a casino, you often don’t have the option to say no to such things – even if you don’t smoke or drink, you’ll often be stuck sitting next to people who do so. Why should you have to be bothered with them any more than they need to be bothered with you? Play online baccarat at home and you’ll never have to worry about it again.

knowledge and desire to play and win at baccarat. So what are you waiting for? Come on down and play baccarat today!

Eat What You Want

Another thing we’ve never cared for is the buffet at hotels in Vegas. After a 22 hour flight across the world, to be treated to bland food which tastes like it’s designed for the lowest common denominator is not exactly our idea of fun. If it’s not yours either then you’re in luck. When you play baccarat online with us, we let you order whatever food you want to eat. Or order nothing at all and spend the money on playing another hand of baccarat. The choice is entirely up to you.