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Play Online Baccarat Right Here


James Bond would  be so jealous – while he had to go to the fine casinos in Monte Carlo to hear the word Banco!, you can simply play baccarat online right here at one of Australia Casino's recommended top online Baccarat casinos and you’ll get the same (well almost the same) experience as Mr. Bond got – sans the need for a heart defibrillator in the car of course.


Find the classiest online Baccarat casinos for Australian Baccarat players here:

Midas Casino Logo

Casino Midas Review

  • $1500 Welcome Bonus
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Casino Ventura

Casino Ventura Review

  • 100% Match Bonus up to €100
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Oceanbets Casino Review

  • 200% Sign Up Bonus up to $2,000AUD
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Casino Mate

Casino Mate Review

  • Welcome Bonus worth up to $/€/£1400
  • First deposit - 100% Bonus up to $/€/£100
  • Second deposit - 200% Bonus up to $/€/£50
  • Third deposit- 25% Bonus up to $/€/£500
  • Fourth deposit - 50% Bonus up to $/€/£750
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Riviera Play Casino

Riviera Play Casino Review

  • First Deposit- 100% Match Bonus up to €/£/$3000
  • Second Deposit- 250% Match Bonus up to €/£/$2500
  • Third Deposit- 200% Match Bonus up to €/£/$2000
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Playing Online Baccarat


Baccarat is classic card game, and is a favourite of high rollers, but you don’t need to be a high roller to play it online. The reason they like it is because the wins are so big that if someone lays down a big bet to begin with, they will walk away with a small fortune!


Baccarat is one of the most intriguing and classic casino games you’ll find anywhere online. In a land based casino, any player around the Baccarat table may also become the dealer, but in online versions the game, the computer is always the dealer. Some casinos use special decks, but you may also use a regular deck of cards. The main principle of the game is similar to the game of blackjack because when you add up your cards, you are striving to get as close to a number as possible without going over. In Blackjack, the target number is 21, but in Baccarat, it’s 9. And in Baccarat there are only two possible bets, either the player – punto, or the dealer – banco. Although it is customary for the dealer to always go for banco.


In online Baccarat, you are also not playing against other people at the table: you are playing directly against the dealer, or rather, the casino’s computer software program. That computer software program is based on algorythms that are not entirely random, as in real life, but which are designed to ensure you get regular payouts. That is, as long as the casino you are playing at is legal and regulated by the international gambling authority, like all the top online casinos we recommend are.



Online Baccarat Game Play

Two hands are dealt, and you need to decide which one to go for – dealer or player. So in this sense, the game is, in fact, similar to paying on black or red in online roulette. But you may also choose the outcome to be a tie, so you can already see that there are some major differences from all other casino games. Each hand that you play will consist of either two or three cards. Two is the minimum amount of cards, and three is the maximum. The first two cards always go to the dealer, and these cards are placed face down. The next cards go to the player with the largest bet on punto. These cards are face down, as well. In a traditional, land-based casino game of baccarat, the player then looks at the cards and gives them back to the dealer who then turns them around, and the winner is announced. Online, this is all done automatically in a streamlined, simple process.



So don’t hesitate – start playing online Baccarat at Australia Casino’s recommended online casinos and hit it big!