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It seems like every month a whole lot of new casinos pop up all over the internet with bigger and brighter billboards all vying for your attention. And yes, there are many amazing advantages to trying new online casino sites. But that doesn't mean they are as good as their word. That's where we come in: every month we scour these new online casinos and make them run the gauntlent, reviewing them against our stringent standards: and they better stand up to our rigorous tests or you won't find them on this website!  

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Why New Online Casinos Are A Great Way To Play 

So you're curious about a new casino online, but are wary about testing out a new casino? Well never fear - Australia Casino is here! The truth is that we've tested and reviewed many new online casinos, but to avoid confusion, we only post and promote the ones that we recommend.

The main advantage of playing at a new online casino comes from the fact that they are trying to impress you: established casinos already have a steady clientele who have told them what they like and they have adjusted their entire website to cater to those people. If you are tired of the old, try playing at some of the newer online casino establishments and you'll quickly discover that you not only get the royal treatment, you also have a good chance to determine how they shape their website in years to come - according to your tastes. 

And a new online casino doesn't necessarily mean the company is new - many new online casinos are backed and guided by well established online casino gaming software companies that you are probably already familiar with and have come to love and trust. In our opinion, that's a good place to start. New casinos come fresh with new ideas, new styles, new games and super duper bonuses (and yes, new online casinos are known for their generosity!), but the new casinos that are backed by the more established companies also come with the know-how, support and details that can only be offered by a casino that already has a solid bankroll and years of online experience.

So Many Advantages to Testing Out New Casinos Online

Here are some of the more unique benefits you can take advantage of playing at a new online casino: 

1. The super-sized bonuses 

This is the biggest drawing card of any online casino, but when it comes to casino bonuses, it's the fine-print that separates the men from the boys. And this is one point where experience, registration with an international gaming authority and solid backing plays a huge part in making sure these new online casinos are able to both uphold their super bonus offers, make sure they are both fair and realistic and don't fold in the process.

2. You can choose from a variety of new casino gamesnew online casino

In most cases, online casinos only come with a few popular games that are the tried and true favourites of their existing patrons. These are often standard in every casino and they are wary of stepping out and offering something new. But new online casinos are a fairground of new ideas, new promotions and a sensational array of new online casino games for you to try that you'd be hard pressed to find anywhere else.

3. You can expect secure transactions

Online security has come a long way in the past few years and most new casinos will start off with the very latest technological advances in online security already installed from the get-go. While some established online casinos do make regular security updates, if they are satisfied with the status quo, they would rather spend their time and investments in upgrading their game software and promotions. This means that at most new online casinos that we recommend, you can not only find a wide selection of online casino payment options, including Paypal, Neteller and other electronic wallets, you'll also find the older standard banking methods, such as credit card payments and direct bank transfers, with the latest, top of the line security protocols.  You can even find a selection of casinos that specifically cater to online Bitcoin casino transactions!

4. Real-time Live Casino gameslive casino games at new online casinos

Live Casino requires relatively new technology and for an established casino with a steady clientele, this is a significant investment and risk. But almost all new online casinos are eager to impress with their variety of games and software technology, so you'll be sure to find some of the best Live Casino software on the newer casino sites looking to cater to audiences who are looking for newer, bigger and better thrills online. 

5. Excellent customer service

Every online casino site strives to serve their customers properly and provide them with everything they need or ask - the same goes for new ones. You can expect 24/7 customer service to make sure every inquiry you need is answered and dealt with accordingly. Some of them will only provide online chats and this is also very good because you aren't waiting on a phone line for someone to answer, the line is always clear and you know you're not going to pay any international calling charges. You can also provide screenshots via live chat and if the casino doesn't provide customer service in your language, they can translate what you write with fairly high accuracy. 

Finding the Best New Casinos to Play

With tons of new online casinos on the market, finding the right place to play your favourite casino games might seem like a daunting task. That's where we come in: we only post reviews about online casinos, both new and old, that we recommend specifically for Australian players. 

To find the best online casino for Aussies to join, whether new or established, check out our top casino reviews here.

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