Our Blackjack Strategy Guide

We know that not everyone is familiar with the details of blackjack and so we prepared this blackjack strategy guide to help you make the most of your online blackjack experience here at our online casino. In it, we’ll teach you everything you need to know in order to play and win blackjack and online live casino.

The Objective of Blackjack

The basic objective of blackjack online is to try and beat the dealer’s cards without your own cards totaling more than 21 points. If you go over 21, it’s known as a bust, meaning that you lost the round. However, if your total stays below 21, you’ll at least have a chance of beating the dealer. Of course the dealer himself has to have less than 21 or he’ll bust. And, if you happen to be lucky enough to get 21 exactly, then will have the very best hand possible. The question however is how you engage in blackjack strategy to make sure that this happens.

Starting Your Play

When you start your game play, you’ll be dealt two cards. Two more cards, one face up and the other face down will be dealt to the dealer. If you happen to be lucky enough to have 21 points already, then you don’t need any kind of blackjack strategy guide. You’ve won (unless the dealer also has 21 in which case it’s a “push,” meaning that neither side wins). On the other hand, if you don’t happen to have 21 points, then you need to decide whether or not to take another card.

When to Take Another Card

Every blackjack guide we’ve ever seen has a different bit of advice on what to do when playing blackjack, however the time test blackjack strategy is that you take an extra card on 14 points or below since your odds of increasing your total without busting are reasonably good at that point. Of course, for every blackjack strategy that says to take a hit with 14 or below, there are others that have different suggestions, which is what makes the game so much fun to play.

What Happens Next

In order to take another blackjack card, simply click “Hit.” If you’d rather stick with what you have and not risk busting, you just click “Stand.” Once you hit Stand, the dealer will reveal his cards and you’ll know if you won or not. As we noted above, blackjack is a relatively straightforward game and you don’t need much in the way of a blackjack guide to learn how to play the game. The one thing you need is a keen sense of timing and numbers so you can decide whether or not to take another hit. Good luck and we hope you enjoy your time here playing blackjack.