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Online Boxing Betting

There were some situations in sports betting which made that sport lose an important part of it, people started to be afraid that matches were fake. That was, however, some time ago and now there are more and more people regain the faith in that sport. Now, the number of fans is increasing, and people can bet on online boxing in Australia Casino online.

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There are many different casinos which now offer various betting games online and choosing the best one can be a tough task. Some of them are better, some of them are worse, however, many of the casinos have Welcome Bonus offers which can increase your chances to win and attract new players to join the club.

How Can I Bet to Win?

Since there are many casinos, sometimes we don’t know which one to choose and because of that, here are some of the most popular ones:

  • Sportsbet – this one offers some really nice odds, including everything that is happening in boxing, they provide their players with bonuses and an excellent customer service, which is very important for some of the users
  • Sportingbet – here players can find some fair odds and they will have a choice from
  • a wide range of them as Sportingbet has a long history connected with betting on boxing
  • Centrebet – it provides a live betting option which is really appreciated by fans of boxing. Players have an opportunity to place a bet on the current action while carefully watching the fight on TV.

Players are very often able to place a bet on a specific type of decision. For example, there is a fighter A and a fighter B. The fighter A is favourite with -225 and fighter B is the underdog with +175 that he will be the winner. Here, players can place a bet on a specific decision with “the player A by decision” at -135 or “the player A by knockout” at +550. Those who placed
a bet on “the player A by decision” would be able to earn more than players who bet the player A to win.

Players have an option of maximizing their winnings during the betting by handicapping each boxer’s style and how they will probably win or lose the fight. Placing a good bet which will pay off is not easy, however, by playing in online casinos you can play to win real money, which is very encouraging for players.

Basic odds and betting options

The basic and the simplest way to place a bet on a boxing match is to bet on which one of the two fighters will win. There are fighter A and fighter B. In the fair fight the fighter A can be
-140 favourite, which means that a bet of $140 is needed to win $100, and the fighter B might be +120, which means that $100 is needed to win $120, as he is assumed as the weaker one.

In fights which are not too fair, the odds are about to be less equal, e.g. the favourite fighter might be at -10000, which means to win $100 the bet of $10000 is needed, and the other fighter being at +1600, meaning that a bet of $100 is needed to win $1600.Online Sports Betting - Boxing

There is one more type of betting. It is about wagering on the total number of rounds that
a fight will have. A fight with 12 rounds can have a total number of rounds being 11.5; here, bettors are given a chance to place a bet on if the fight will go with more than 11.5 rounds or it will be less. Usually, players who are up to date and know what is going on to place a bet on a fight having about 5.5 rounds if the fighters are knockout specialists.

Which sportsbook to choose?

In sports betting, especially in boxing, there is something called sportsbook and the amount of money you get for placing a bet on a particular fighter depends mostly on the sportsbook you choose. Different sportsbooks provide players with different lines on each fight, particularly if the match is going to be between fighters who are not equal to each other.

If you place a bet on a fighter who is considered to be an underdog in the particular fight, in one sportsbook he could be +500 underdog fighting against -800 favourite. However, in some other sportsbook, he might be +650 underdog fighting against -1000 favourite. There are many different options and if you want your bet to pay off, you need to carefully decide who is worth betting on. You can learn some more about sportsbooks and it will be useful in all online casino games.

If you are looking for something exciting and new to try, online boxing betting is for sure one of those things. It will make you feel excited and hold your breath while waiting for the results of the fight. If you already know which casino will be the best for you, don’t waste your time and join right away. However, if you are still not sure, you can check our online casino reviews which will help you make the right decision.

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