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Online Casino Deposit & Withdrawal Options

online casino depositWhat makes online casinos different from their land-based counterparts is the way you deposit and withdraw money to and from your account. In an online casino, you can find plenty of online casino deposit options to choose from, and it will depend upon your own preferences as well as which payment methods are allowed in your region. Most options will only allow you to deposit funds into your account, while there are a few that will allow you to both deposit and withdraw funds whenever you like.

Due to the huge number of online payment methods available for an online casino, it can be confusing at times to choose which one suits you best. Hence, we have compiled the most common deposit options to help ensure you can enjoy the full casino experience.

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Most Common Payment Methods Online

1. Bank Transfers

Likewise known as wire transfer, this payment method is without a doubt safe and easy to use. If you have your own bank account and the online casino you want to play from accepts casino bank transfers, then you could opt for this method. It’s actually really convenient, although transactions often have high fees associated with them. For this reason, bank transfers are usually used only when other deposit options failed to work. In order to transfer funds from your bank account to your online casino account, you will need to contact your bank first. They will help you through the procedure, and help you deposit funds on your account to start playing your favourite games.

2. Credit Cards

Credit card options are yet another popular choice for depositing money to your online casino account. They are secure and easy to use, and will often come with small charges, if any. However, your credit card issuer might require you to pay a cash advance when dealing with online casinos. This is to protect them from practices which could cause you to spend over your card limit. Among the most popular credit card brands you can use are Visa and MasterCard.

3. PayPal

casino bank transferPayPal is an e-Wallet service used by a lot of avid gamblers as their preferred online casino deposit option. It doesn’t just handle deposits, it also offers one of the fast withdrawal online casino options you could ever use. However, in using PayPal, you should be really careful on your expenditure, since you might end up spending more than what you have in your account. In the event that happens, you will need to pay for some charges on your account. Keep in mind that there are some online casinos that won’t accept your PayPal account. In the event this happens, you will have to use a different payment method instead.

4. Prepaid Cards

Prepaid cards work just like credit and debit cards, except that they are pre-loaded with a specific amount upon purchase. They have become popular as a payment method in countries where credit cards aren’t allowed to make transactions with an online casino. Moreover, they are a safe and legal means, and since they are pre-loaded, you will be able to easily control your spending. 

5. Neteller

Neteller is yet another popular e-Wallet option which can be used in online casinos. It is one of the fastest withdrawal online casino methods and can is available in most casinos online. The problem with the service is that it often comes with a number of costly fees for normal services charges and even for any additional services. It’s widely trusted around the world, although the company prefers staying out of the US market nowadays.

6. Debit Cards

online payment methodsDebit cards ensure that you don’t spend more than what you have in your account. Through this, you can avoid paying fees or even putting your account to overdraft. However, there are some banks that won’t allow the use of debit cards for online gambling. If that’s the case, you might want to open an account from a country which allows online gambling, or use a different payment method instead.

7. eChecks

eChecks work just like a traditional check, except that you no longer need to use an actual paper check for doing transactions. They’re basically online versions of the actual paper check. In order to use eChecks, you will need the routing number of your bank, your account number, and your name in order to start sending instant checks to your preferred online casino.

Which Payment Method to Use

Due to the number of online casino deposit options available, it’s better to go for an option which is allowed in your preferred online casino. Also see to it if your preferred method is allowed in your country, since there are some countries which put a restriction on your chosen option, like bank transfers to example. Lastly, go for an option that allows you to make both deposits and withdrawals in your account.

Want to start playing your favourite casino games? Choose your preferred online payment methods now!

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