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by Jack Harris
| 10/10/2020
Bitcoin payment method

Bitcoin is becoming more and more popular these days as a payment method at online casinos. The reason for this is simple: it is safe and secure, it is anonymous and it is fast to use. This is why online casinos encourage the use of Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies such as Dogecoin, Litecoin and others and some casinos provide special bonuses to promote its use. 

In fact, there is a rise of Bitcoin dedicated casinos recently and one of the top dedicated Bitcoin online casinos is Bitstarz casino. At this casino, you can deposit, make withdrawals and receive bonuses using both Bitcoin and Australian Dollars.  

In this article, we recommend the best Bitcoin casinos for Australians play at and show you the advantages of playing at Bitcoin casinos. 

Best Bitcoin Casinos - April 2021


With online gambling being a rapid game changer, Bitcoin gambling has been introduced and made its way into the mainstream. If you’re wondering, there is a slight difference between regular gambling and bitcoin gambling. The main difference lies in their payment methods and the rate in which you can withdraw your winnings. Also, bitcoin gaming has a highly secure transaction process. But aside from that, what are the other advantages of playing in a bitcoin casino?

There’s a Huge Variety of Games

bitcoin gamblingPlaying at a bitcoin casino allows you to access a plethora of casino games which you can normally find at any top online casino, plus a selection of exclusive bitcoin games. Among the most popular bitcoin games are online slots that normally have high payouts reaching up to 99%. Other crowd favourites are blackjack and online roulette which are offered in various versions from a lot of bitcoin casinos. If you check out the player return percentages of these games, you’re more likely to find that they’re a lot better than their land-based counterparts.

Like any other online casinos, bitcoin casinos are also entering the field of live dealer casino games. This provides you with an even wider variety of games. Not to mention, it also adds up to your overall player experience.

You Can Expect them to be Fair

When you play bitcoin gambling, you can be sure that the games you’re playing are fair. But how is this possible? Through the cryptographic hash technology, you are able to check if the casino you choose can manipulate the outcome of your bet or not. Bitcoin-powered casinos are installed with the provably fair software, meaning the results are completely legit. Trusted casinos that offer Bitcoin games have their own tools which you can use to check if the outcome of the game you’re playing are purely RNG and are not manipulated by the administrator or the players.

The System is Secure

Another great advantage of bitcoin gambling is the fact that the system is secure and transparent. You can’t find any incriminating paperwork trail or access any personal data. This of course only means that the data of each player, including yours, are kept secure and confidential.

For a beginner, you can expect a lot more benefits such as free transactions when depositing or withdrawing cash. However, you can expect a nominal processing fee, although it’s very tiny to even fret about. Also, every transaction is processed at a very fast rate, thus allowing you to acquire your cash as soon as possible.

Bitcoins Offer High Odds and Payouts

bitcoin gamesUnlike casino games which have low payout percentages depending on the game you play, bitcoin casinos have the best odds and payout percentages, thus making them quite attractive to a lot of players. But how are they able to offer better odds? Typically, an online casino will have to handle payment processing costs each time a player makes a deposit through any online payment method. In order to compensate for such costs, they end up reducing the odds or bonuses they offer to their players. However, with bitcoins, transactions are entirely free. This means that there are no payment processing costs, which in return translates to better payouts and higher odds along with other amazing


You are Completely Anonymous

One of the most favoured advantages of bitcoin gambling is the fact that you remain anonymous while playing. Since real money casinos are sometimes subjected to cyber threats that compromise the personal information of the players, Bitcoin players are completely guaranteed of the safety of their identity. Also, there are no account registrations when playing Bitcoin games since you only need your Bitcoin wallets to play.

When picking your Bitcoin casino, you should consider using the same steps you use in looking for an online casino. Find out if it has a license and if it has a good reputation. There are actually plenty of Bitcoin casinos out there.

Bitcoin Payment Method FAQ's 

300% up to
+ 100 Free Spins
Up To
150 Free Spins

Why Use Bitcoin at Online Casinos?

Bitcoins helps you to use cash around the internet without exposing your identity. This makes it easy for casino aficionados to play games in complete anonymity. Bitcoin is a highly safe payment option in its own way and therefore makes the process of withdrawal and deposits completely secure. Another thing that makes the Bitcoin payment option popular amongst players is that they deduct minimum transaction fees compared to other payment options. The deposits are very quick and there is hardly any waiting time when withdrawing your cash. Many casinos offer huge welcome bonuses to players who choose a Bitcoin payment option. Players can use Bitcoin for a large number of casino games including Roulette, Slots, Baccarat, Craps, Blackjack, and many more.

How Does Bitcoin Work?

Bitcoin is a decentralized type of cryptocurrency, which means that it is not controlled by the Government or a financial organization. You will need to have a Bitcoin wallet to access your bitcoins and to send them to other people. You can obtain a Bitcoin wallet from a specialized broker like Coinbase. These wallets are located on your personal computer and mobile device. It is easy to exchange your Bitcoins to your normal currency and vice versa at Bitcoin exchanges. You can use these Bitcoins to buy and make an investment. Also, you can use it to send money to someone anonymously. Sending bitcoins is very simple. In order to use Bitcoins for transactions, you will need your Bitcoin address, your private key, and the recipient’s Bitcoin address. You will enter this information through your Bitcoin wallet as input, balance, and output. The input is your Bitcoin address, the balance is the amount of Bitcoins you want to transfer to the recipient, and the intended output is the recipient's address.

Is Bitcoin Safe and Secure?

Bitcoin is simple to use, safe and very secure; thus making it an ideal payment option for making transactions at online casinos.

How Do I Use Bitcoin at a Mobile Casino?

You need to get a Bitcoin wallet account before using this currency at a mobile casino. After you have opened a Bitcoin wallet, you will need to buy Bitcoins to keep in the wallet. You can buy Bitcoins through various methods including credit and debit cards. Once you have Bitcoins in your wallet, you can simply use them at mobile casinos that accept Bitcoins.

Can Australians Use Bitcoin?

Yes, Australians can use Bitcoin.

How Fast Will My Money Be Available to Play with after Completing a Deposit?

After you have deposited money to an online casino through your Bitcoin wallet, you will be able to see the transfer fairly quickly, usually after 10 to 15 minutes. However, the deposit transfer will be seen as ‘unconfirmed,’ and will usually take 1 to 3 hours to receive confirmation. Once confirmed, you can start playing at the casino.

Are There Any Deposit Limits?

No. One of the best things about Bitcoin is that there is no deposit limit but the casinos themselves may determine the value for a minimum or maximum deposit. Thus, if you are a high roller, you should always find out the maximum amount you can deposit at the casino.

Can I Withdraw My Funds Using Bitcoin, and How Long Will it Take?

Yes, you can easily withdraw your funds using Bitcoin. The withdrawal usually takes about 24 hours.

Which Banks Does Bitcoin Work With?

Banks that accept Bitcoin include Fidor Bank, Change, Worldcore, Bankera, USAA, Goldman Sachs, Toronto-Dominion Bank (TDB), Royal Bank of Canada, Simple Bank and National Bank of Canada.

When Can I Withdraw My Bitcoin Bonus Winnings?.

As with all bonuses, you can only withdraw the bonus winnings once you complete the bonus wagering requirements. Note that some bonuses are given for play/wager purposes only and cannot be withdrawn. Example: You received a $10 bonus, completed the wagering requirements and now have $18 in your balance. $8 is the bonus winnings and so can be withdrawn in any case, whereas the $10 may not be available for withdraw, depending on the bonus type mentioned above.
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