Why Bubble Bubble Slot is Great Fun

Have you ever heard the phrase “double double toil and trouble”? That is exactly what you will think of when you start playing the Bubble Bubble Slot game. Sexy witches, black cats, cleavage exposing leather tops, and of course everything Halloween related can be found in this exciting Halloween themed game.

Spinning, if you dare

This Bubble Bubble Slot Review found that this game focuses heavily on key and fun-filled symbols like witches, black cats, black ravens, spell books, oversized Halloween spiders, jack-o’-lanterns, and even frogs. Basically, anything that you would mix into a witch’s cauldron. And that’s good because you get bonus games from the ghost feature and the scattered cauldrons. For as little as 0.5 coins per spin it really is a treat, no pun intended.

The game is a 5 x 3 real grid and it takes place inside of a scary looking mansion. Once you walk into the mansion it opens up a world of 50 lines and different prizes.

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Bubbling cauldronsBubble Bubble online pokies game

The sexy witch in question is named Winnie the Witch and she has left a list of things that you have to find as the player. And if you find all these things it gives you great prizes. You have to hunt through the mansion for different items that are necessary for the witch to complete her spells. Obviously, the first thing she needs is her spell book otherwise you won’t know what to mix inside her cauldron. If you can find the spell book you get 333 coins. You get the same number of coins if you can find frogs and jack-o’-lanterns, two things that are pretty heavily featured in almost every spell she is going to cast. She could use some help from some of her favorite nighttime friends, the black ravens, and the black cat so if you find them you can get up to 1000 points. Then, of course, the other ingredients she might need are things like the eye of a toad, a skull, or large spiders for which you are rewarded between 100 and 200 coins.

But the bonuses don’t stop there when you play pokies online at real money casinos. Even though the symbol of the witch normally appears on many of the reels, it can be replaced with the scattered cauldrons. If you get five scattered cauldrons on your screen and you get 33 times whatever your total that was. If you get the witch and for cauldrons on a single line then you get 99 times what your pet was. You will truly walk away from this feeling like a very successful and spooky person.

There are other features built into the game and if you get three or more scattered cauldrons it triggers one of three different features. You might get the bewitched feature, which gives you seven games for free. You might, instead, get the great ghost feature where you win 20 games for free and you get nine while the ghosts who appear on the reels. If you land the third feature that is called the wild witch feature and it gives you nine games for free and during those games, the witch might cast a spell which opens up other prizes and different casino bonuses for playing.

Final verdict

You can really win quite a bit especially considering how little you invest in the games. Every slot player can play 50 lines per spin but again the minimum bet is just your .5 coins per spin which means you can bet up to 12.5 coins per spin or anywhere in between and still come out a winner. Watch this fun character wave a magic wand around and quite literally shower you with the ridiculous number of prizes. It’s the most fun you are going to have inside a haunted mansion. And it is certainly the most profitable experience you will have inside of one. Get more information at Australia Casino.


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