High Rollers:
Slot Review

By Jack Harris

High Rollers Game Review

Most people would love the opportunity to feel like a high roller, to walk into a casino and drop a huge amount of cash as though it were nothing to them. Well, High Rollers lets you play pokies online and do just that—but in a more affordable fashion.

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Not your typical high roller…

This High Rollers Game Review found that the High Rollers slot game is a 3 reel, 5 payline slot which places a unique spin on classic slot games by introducing some special features that are not often seen. Nothing here will remind you of money, or make you think of large sums of money, in spite of the title. In fact, the game has a hippie theme, with the main character being a large hippie make, and the symbols being things like colorful shirts, butterflies, a little red bus, and the peace sign. You get a tie-dye color scheme to complement the hippie theme. There are of course other symbols associated with hippies like the Volkswagen van and a lava lamp (who doesn’t remember those?).High Rollers online pokies game

Speaking of the Volkswagen van, you might notice that if you take a gander at the game pay table above the reels on your screen, getting three of these van symbols on the 5th reel means you win double the prizes. Of course, getting them on any of the other four means money too, but the fifth reel is what you really want.

With online pokies and real money wins your account will be overflowing or is it overflowering? While flower power is often associated with hippies, so too is the wild symbol for this game: the peace sign. If you see the peace sign on your screen, look for any other symbols that might work with the peace sign to create a winning combination. The peace sign can replace all other symbols along any pay line and give you a winning mix.

Placing Your Best Bets

Regardless of the hippie theme, in order to play the slot, you have to first determine how much you want to bet. You choose the credit for the chop which can be five dollars, twenty-five dollars, or one hundred dollars. Once this is deposited into your account you set up the bet per line which is dictated by the coin value. You can change the coin value to be five cents, twenty-five cents, fifty cents, one dollar, or five dollars. Finally, you need to set the reels which mean picking between one and five lines. If you pick all five lines then naturally you will have more chances to win. If you are aspiring to be a true high roller then you will want to place lower bets on everything with your fingers crossed. Of course, those who are legitimately high rollers might be able to maximize the bets and spend twenty-five dollars per spin.

This game is really nice because it is technically a classic slot, but it offers special features that one often finds with video slots. Moreover, you get fun mixed with a highly rewarding outcome. The sounds in the background are silly and they are sure to bring a smile to your face. The graphics give you the feeling of being on a real slot machine, not at home in your pajamas. The hippie theme is not overwhelming, so even right-wing players will enjoy it, but it is certainly a nice break from the high-intensity cop and robber games. While there is no scatter symbol and no multiplier in this classic slot, you do have the opportunity to win a jackpot worth $500. Not bad when you consider that you could have bet just five cents to get that win.

Final Verdict

To read more about this game and others, check out Australia Casino Online where you can not only read reviews about other games you are considering, but you can check out different games and enjoy sign up bonuses. You can win prizes, double your wins, and take a stab at the jackpot with very little money bet on each spin, so it is sure to leave you feeling like a true high roller.


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