Tomb Raider: The Secret is Here

Tomb Raider: The Secret is Here

There is something to be said about a game that was created over ten years ago and is still a joy to play. Now it is salient to know that this is a very old game and many online slot games have greatly evolved over the years. However, the overall experience for this game is still rather enjoyable. 

Microgaming offers rewards and bonuses for players in the search for the ever exotic and very elusive treasure we call the jackpot. Unlike many other Microgaming games, this game does not offer 243 different ways to win, but nonetheless, it does offer a high RTP, of up to 96.53%. These odds are very impressive and very helpful. Playing real money casino games are most helpful for those who are looking to win. Tomb Raider Slot Paytable

The game is a five-reel and three-row slot game. Landing on images forms the very famous and popular game allows players to enter into bonus rounds. 

The Bonus Rounds

The game offers players two bonuses rounds. These bonus rounds are: 

  • Free Spin Bonus Round - landing on Lara's image three times will allow for players to earn extra spins. Anywhere from 15 free spins to 35 free spins. And free spins are very helpful. 
  • Tomb Raider Bonus - Landing on Lara and tomb images will enter into this bonus. Once players enter, this bonus round gives players the big cash payout. 

The Visuals

To be honest, when we compare many Microgaming games with this game, it really doesn't look as stellar a many of their new games. And that is fair to state as this is a game that is nearly 13 years old. But this only speaks volumes about the gaming experience. The audio greatly captures the overall feeling Tomb Raider Slot Winof the game and does so fantastic. If you are a lover of the franchise, you will most definitely be reminded of the old PS one games. 

Microgaming are masters of recreating experiences in their slot games, and they do so with this game. 

Final Verdict

We have reviewed many of Microgaming games, and we have constantly been blown away with the level of nostalgia they can incorporate into their slot games. They have once again been able to capture the feeling and the vibe of another entertainment medium and use it to their advantages. 

We are huge lovers of the Tomb Raider franchise, and it is great to see the franchise make it into this form of entertainment. 

A game that is nearly 14 years old and still very entertaining speaks volumes about the game. To try your luck at this game, you can visit Australia Casino where you will be able to find casinos with no deposit bonuses so you can play for free as well as search many other Microgaming games. 

If you are looking to try your luck at an online slot game, then we highly recommend that you try the Tomb Raider slot game. 


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