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Why, Where & How To Play Pokies Online

Regardless of which casino you visit, you can find pokies, or slot machines, all around you. In fact, they make up to as much as 75% of the total available games within almost any casino. In Australia, slot machines are regarded as the most popular casino game most players play. Pokie games easily outnumber table games within the casinos by around 20 to 1. Even though the game was invented in America, it is the Australians who are known to be most fond of playing this game for almost a century now.

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How to Play Pokies

Even though pokies don’t have any complicated rules, there are a few simple guidelines which you must follow in order to make the most of your pokie gaming experience. In land-based casinos, in order to start playing the pokies, you only have to place a coin in the slot machine and pull the lever. In the virtual realm, this means you adjust your bet amount (usually in the at the bottom of the screen) and click the button marked 'spin.'

However, here are a few points you should know about before you start playing: 

  • Different slots games have varying restrictions on their betting structure
  • There are pre-determined betting limits which you can’t exceed
  • Wild and scatter symbols will vary from one pokies game to another
  • Quick Tips

Play Pokies Like a Pro

Almost every casino enthusiasts try their fortune at the slots; however, only a few lucky ones hit the jackpot. Even though luck is the key factor that you need to have on your side when playing slots, there are some effective tips and tricks that one should adopt in order to increase their chance of winning.

Pokies Quick Tips
Set up your bankroll before you start the game
Once you have reached that limit, stop. Don’t get caught up in the thrill…
Select the highest possible payouts
Slots are a game of chance and players have a much better chance of winning when the payback percentages are the highest. Most online casino offer payout ranging from 75% to 97%. You should find those casinos that offer slots with more than 97% as payouts.
Make sure to play maximum coins
Usually, on all slot machines, the top jackpot is much higher when playing maximum coins. A lower stake will result in a significantly lower win.
Play the single pay line slot machines
It is the best option when playing with a small bankroll. Beginners can play the single line games for as long as they want, since the possibility of winning the jackpot is still there.

How a Slots Machine Works

Before you start to learn how to play slot machines, it is important to know about their origins first. The first-ever game of slot was invented in the US as a means of distracting saloon customers. It was invented by Charles Fey and called Liberty Bell. Basically, it contained only three reels with ten different symbols each. By inserting a coin into the machine and pulling the lever, the reels will start spinning, and the player will win a prize in the event he manages to match three similar symbols.

Nowadays, pokies operate in a more complicated fashion. Various factors have influenced the overall game design of today’s pokies. Instead of the usual mechanical reels, modern poker machines now use virtual reels in order to establish wins and losses. Moreover, the integration of a computerized system makes it possible to display more symbols, which in turn leads to even larger jackpots.

Learn to Play Slots

What makes slot machines appealing to a wide audience is their relatively easy gameplay. While other casino games such as Texas Hold Em or Blackjack take a long time to master, playing the game of slots is relatively easy. All it takes is to insert a coin into the machine, place your bets, spin the reels, and wait for the results. Once the reels stop and you land a combination, you automatically win a prize.

how to play slot machines

But how about its online version? Well, learning how to play pokies online is relatively easy as well. In fact, it’s even easier than it’s land-based counterpart! Once you have deposited money into your account, simply choose your preferred slot game, place your bets, and press the Spin or Start button. And if you are looking for where to practice pokies for free and test out how much fun it is without risking a cent, we can direct you to some of the best casinos online for Aussie players.

Tips For Playing Pokies

learn to play slotsIn order to improve your chances of winning in a slot machine, there are several things you have to consider. If you’re playing a progressive jackpot pokie, it is a wise idea to avoid a machine that has hit the jackpot in the previous month, since it is less likely to hit the jackpot again sometime soon.

The best option would be to choose a pokie machine that hasn’t hit the jackpot in a long time, especially those which have been added to the online casinos since they have a higher chance of handing out larger payouts. Of course, among the most important factors which play a huge role in improving your chances of winning is to make sure you’re playing a pokie game with the highest payout percentage. In online casinos, you can normally come across pokie games with a payout percentage of between 90 to 99%. However, in some cases you can even find a pokie game with 100% payout percentage. Another tip to consider is to place the maximum limit whenever possible, considering that it’s the only way you can get in order to have a shot at winning the jackpot, particularly in a progressive jackpot game.

Which Pokie Games Should You Choose to Play?

Most pokie games, particularly new ones, have the same odds of winning. Most people prefer to choose their pokies for their theme, how much fun they are, what kind of bonus games they might be able to trigger, or for the graphics. However, some slot games are actually considered more advantageous than others due to their payout percentages. Based on research, games that have at least $5 per bet and higher will provide you with larger payouts, while the cheaper ones with $1 betting floors will have a significant decline in their payout percentages. Also, single-payline pokies have statistically better odds of winning compared to pokies with multiple paylines, even though many people will swear the more paylines, the more fun the game!

Important Rule: Always keep track of the payout percentages for the games in mind:

Payout %

Want to learn some master tips and tricks for playing on the pokies? Learn more about slot games here!


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